Our Dentures

With our In House lab and Certified Dental Technician, we have the ability to make superb quality Hand Crafted Dentures and Partials with a faster turn around time than most dental offices.  


Our top of the line CustomSmiles Denture is the most customizable and natural looking denture available.  With naturally contoured acrylic, color and shading that matches natural gum tissue and 27 different available shades of tooth color, this denture gives us the ability to more closely match your natural teeth or create an entirely new smile.  In addition to the appearance, this is also the strongest and longest lasting of our dentures due to the Mondial Premium Teeth used to make it which are both durable as well as stain resistant.

The NewSmiles denture retains some of the same color and shading characteristics as the CustomSmiles.  This denture offers us 3 shades of tooth color to choose from to closely match the wearers original tooth color.  This hand crafted denture features wear resistant, high grade materials. 

 For those with existing dentures looking for an economical replacement, our SimpleSmiles denture offers just that.  While still hand crafted, this value priced denture offers unaccented materials and basic teeth making it a viable option for a shorter term replacement or for use as a back up should anything happen to the wearers primary denture.